Streamline Your Business Setup in Cyprus

360° Legal Support for Your Business Journey | Choose my law office and embark on your business venture with the assurance of complete legal backing. From company formation to ongoing compliance, we provide a full spectrum of legal services tailored to support and protect your enterprise at every turn.

With my tailored and personalized services, you’re not just starting a company; together we setting up for your business journal. Here’s what I offer:

Complete Nominee Services

Maintain your privacy with our comprehensive nominee services, ensuring your personal details stay confidential.

Comprehensive Financial Management

As your intermediary, I handle all financial arrangements – from setting up major Bank Accounts (IBAN/SEPA), POS gateways, eSignature Platform to connecting you with certified accountants for tax services. I’ve got it all covered, so your business is ready to operate from day one.

Administration Services

The Administration Services package is designed to streamline your company’s legal and bureaucratic processes. I provide:

  • Board Resolutions & Corporate Governance: Drafting of board resolutions that comply with local laws and corporate governance regolution.
  • Legal Documentation: Creation of legal letters and contracts, meticulously tailored to safeguard your business interests.
  • Governmental Licensing: Assistance in obtaining the necessary governmental licenses, ensuring your business operates legally and smoothly.
Expert Consulting

Navigate the complexities of company formation with ease, thanks to our tailored consulting services.

Financial Managed SaaS

The package is meticulously designed to align with Cyprus Company and Tax Law, and provides you with a ready-to-go company structure, enabling you to start billing and serving your clients without delay.

  1. Web Progressive App: A state-of-the-art web application that’s always up-to-date and accessible from any device.
  2. Client Portal: A secure and private portal where your clients can manage their accounts and transactions with ease.
  3. Payment Gateway Integration: Seamless integration with leading payment gateways to facilitate smooth financial operations.
  4. Payment Gateway Integration: Seamless integration with leading payment gateways to facilitate smooth financial operations.
  5. SMTP/SPF Ready: Reliable email delivery system setup, ensuring all communication is prompt and secure.
  6. Automated VAT Calculator: An intelligent feature that calculates VAT accurately, saving time and reducing errors.
Why to work with me?

As a member of the Cyprus Bar Association since 2020, my legal practice is informed by a rich tapestry of experiences that blend innovative business solutions with a deep understanding of the law. My journey began in the realm of business administration, where I co-founded a boutique digital marketing firm, Fresset Ltd. This venture not only honed my skills in accounting and administration but also allowed me to delve into the technological intricacies of web development and linguistic algorithms.

Before I decided to follow the law path, I studied business administration and co-founded the boutique digital marketing company, Fresset Ltd. Back then, in addition to accounting and administrative duties, I was given the space to explore the Open Web and practice web development and linguistic algorithms. Upon completing my first degree and a one-year professional accounting program at the University of Athens, I decided to invest in legal education. In 2013, a few months after the partial acquisition of Fresset Ltd by the TENP SA Group, I became the operations manager of serval business workshops, some under the aegis of the Municipality of Athens and others on behalf of private institutions and NPOs.

The decision to outsource the web development of a minor project of Fresset Ltd to an Indian company is a memory I will not soon forget. Along with the company’s accountant, we decided to record the project in cash accounts as a cash flow transaction to ensure that fund’s account corresponded to the correct reality, but not as a statement in the balance sheet. We hoped it would be compatible with ministerial decisions, given India’s service costs were considered non-deducted expenses. The Greek Tax Authority deducted the expense because I had never travelled to India, and VAT, income tax, and a fine had to be paid. Nevertheless, the project eventually cost 30% less than it would have been choosing the European Market. If a 24-year-old entrepreneur can readily enjoy the globalized economy, then the only thing that a national authority can do is have a traditional sense of prevention. As another memory of that kind, I distinguish when after I sold my shares of the abovementioned company and planned my law studies, I temporarily worked for a cost accounting company. My stint at a cost accounting firm was marked by innovation, where I developed a dashboard to streamline payroll processes for a Special Purpose Entity. This solution exemplified my commitment to efficiency and my ability to leverage technology in service of fiscal management.

Throughout my tenure in the legal field, I have engaged in a variety of scholarly pursuits that have significantly enriched my understanding of the law’s application in both domestic and international contexts. The “Open Texture of International Tax Law” delves into the complexities of cross-border fiscal policies, while “Contemporary Issues of Possible Market Distortion by App Stores” examines the competitive challenges within digital marketplaces. My thesis on the “Informal Value Transfer System, Terrorism, and Money Laundering” offered a theoretical perspective on pressing global security issues. Additionally, my work on “Fraud Act 2006 & Pump and Dump Schemes in England” provides a critical look at financial misconduct, and “Balancing Corporate Governance” explores the theoretical divergences affecting corporate leadership. Lastly, “Exploring the Role Separation of Chairman and CEO in the UK” sheds light on the governance structures that shape corporate integrity and accountability. My role as a legal researcher for the Central Bank of Cyprus has allowed me to delve into the intricacies of financial regulations, culminating in the “Monograph of Cyprus Insolvency Rules“.

Continuing on my technical proficiencies, in 2019 I have been chosen as the paralegal supporter for a punitived-dismissal’s case before a Western Europe Administrative Court. For the year of 2020, I distinguish that due to the client’s negligence, the trademark application remained pending for two years before CyIPO but in the meanwhile, a Patent Troll Company submitted a similar trademark to the EUIPO. In 2021, I handled separate cases involving two clients who had been forcibly transferred to Cypriot shell companies and lost regulated employee benefits. It was a solid opportunity to understand the EU Council Directive 2001/23/EC.

Beyond my academic and professional experience, I helped establish the first whistleblowing platform in Cyprus and currently serve as volunteer reporter for the Noyb NPO on GDPR matters. International Law & Taxation is a field that genuinely fascinates me.

My diverse experiences, ranging from business management to directorial roles and enriched by advanced studies at the Hague Academy of International Law, have endowed me with a profound grasp of international economics and corporate governance. For a consultation on navigating the complexities of business and management, I invite you to schedule an appointment.